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Round 5 Cadwell Park GP Sign In!!!

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Re: Round 5 Cadwell Park GP Sign In!!!

Post by d4ninho on Mon May 16, 2016 6:40 pm

it was annoying, starting from the back i knew it would be tough and then 5 laps in and we still hadnt really started racing due to crashes and safety cars, so with 9 laps to go i was last,lol, cue some fast driving and some accidents i managed to get my way to 2nd but it took me too long to get there and i couldn't hunt down Dusk.

3 x 2nd places for me which i was happy with but with the full 14 laps i think i could have got to the front, but who knows.

there have been a lot of crashes in the early laps in the races i've been in so far, but why the has no one hit Aid yet,lol

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Re: Round 5 Cadwell Park GP Sign In!!!

Post by TM aidtheace on Mon May 16, 2016 10:13 pm

If id been able to race in race 3 it would of been good as every other race three iv managed to fight my way though on the opening laps.
Just good at staying out of trouble. I thought it was luck the 1st time but then iv done it over 4 weeks so
TM aidtheace
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