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Car Selection and Team Registration Empty Car Selection and Team Registration

Post by Wezley on Tue Jul 10, 2018 5:25 pm

Car Selection and Team Registration Banner11

Please use the format below to pick car.
Teammates don't have to be in the same car.
Teammates can not be in separate divisions.
Have a look before posting to see if someone is already in that livery or if the car is already at max spots.

Here you can now choose your car and livery. Everyone will have a teammate even if not if you post as a privateer to make the teams Championship not have just a few teams. Just know if you pick privateer your teammate will be random from your Division.

People who have already completed a race with a specific car, can change car again.
If you want too change you will lose all points gained please let an admin know if you are changing.

There is a maximum of 4 for each car per division. Please Don't Pick a car and then don't show up. If you don't turn upto the first two races then the car you picked will be taken away from you and if you want to race with us you'll have to pick a different one. If you have a question about this, please ask ThorZA16 or Mystic x Block to explain.

If you post up a car that has already reached the max capacity then we will ask you to pick again via private message or through Xbox Live.

Please pick from the following cars:

Car Selection and Team Registration HqWlFqD

If you are in a team with someone please try to use similar looking livery's but don't use the same one

This is A list of Cars Chosen So Far And By who:

Crossed out means it is full/overfull and cannot be picked anymore

PORSCHE 911 RSR[/color] - None
FERRARI 488 GTE[/color] - None
BMW M6 GTLM[/color] - None

Please use this format to post your reply :

Car :
Your Number :

Team or Privateer:
Your Team Name: (If One)

If you are signing up your team mate as well use this one please

Driver 1 Car :
Driver 1 Number :

Your Team Name:

Driver 2 Gamertag:
Driver 2 Car :
Driver 2 Number :




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