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Post by Zarf on Sun May 06, 2018 2:33 am

Want to make your own Signature image like these?

Signature Image Chunt04

Signature Image IDIOT

Signature Image ZARF_N!AoCV5IYU9rUQiPAhLsx1EXqUeTF_3Q

Well, hopefully now you can. The link above will take you too my onedrive where you can download the psd which has some effects in it and filters for you to create your own signature image how you want. You do need Photoshop to open the file i wont say where you can get Photoshop for free but you can do it.

Hope to see people make some signatures  and use there creations enjoy. Smile

Let me know if your struggling with photoshop or the psd provided and i will try and help you and not an expert at photoshop but just let me know and i may be able to help with an issue.




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