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GT3 World Tour Registration & Information

Post by Zarf on Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:00 pm

Organizers for this league are Zarf & Idiot1995

GT3 World Tour is back for another season after NWR Dragonlord took the Division 1 title and @moistpmql took the Division 2 title in season 1. Can they retain there titles this season?

This season will start on 4th of March 2018 and will run through until 22nd April 2018

If you would like to participate in this championship please do the seeding run required to figure out which Division you will be in.
The seeding run will finish on the 25th February and then the car choice and team selection thread will become available and the results of the Divisons will be announced.

If you have any trouble uploading your image/s then please let me know on Xbox and i can help you out Gamertag : Zarf

Please copy the format below in order to register for the GT3 World Tour Season 2

Have you posted your seeding run?
Do you accept the rules? Yes

Season Calendar

There will be a cap on how many people can pick a set car to hopefully make variety. Car cap is 4 on a first come first served basis. So get the car you want quick. If you pick a car and dont turn upto to the first two races your car will be given back to be chosen again.

Season Calendar
Weather for races will be decided at the start of the week when the race gets posted online

Lobbys will start at 8:00pm GMT on the Sundays on the calendar.
Please be on before the time at 7:55 so we can sort the lobbies quicker.

The races will be manual rolling start. (Not in game rolling start)
Each race will last around 1 hour and 10 minutes.
The qualifying session will be 15 minutes long.

The Assists for the championship will be set to REAL which means all the assists will be realistic to real life.
Real Assists for the GT3 cars are (ABS-On, STB-Off, TCS-On)
in Division 1 it will be forced cockpit and no driving line but for Division 2/ any others it isn't permitted to run cockpit.
Force manual gears - Yes
Damage type - Performance Impacting
Mechanical Failures - Yes
Pit Stop Errors - No
Tyre Wear - Authentic
Fuel Depletion - Yes
Force Cooldown Lap - Yes

The points will be scored on the following basis:

1st - 25 Points
2nd - 18 Points
3rd - 15 Points
4th - 12 Points
5th - 10 Points
6th - 8 Points
7th - 6 Points
8th - 4 Points
9th - 2 Points
10th - 1 Points

Points after the positions shown will not receive any points.
Points are only awarded after 80% is complete so if you lag out before then you wont receive any points

Teams can be up to a maximum of 2 drivers.
Teammates don't have to run the same car.
The team championship will run through all the Divisions to make the team championship more competitive.
If you don't pick a team mate we will pick one for you to make the team championship again more competitive.
There will be no drop rounds in this series so if you can't make a race just let us know in that race thread.

Setups are allowed in this championship.

SAVE THE REPLAY! Or RECORD THE CLIP. We may not be able to see the incident from our perspective.
Report incidents and/or corner cutting or overly defensive swerving/blocking immediately after the race to the admins.

DO NOT hesitate about reporting, it will be confidential and will make the racing here cleaner, therefore better and more fun! We may need you to make and upload a clip.

It's the responsibility of the person overtaking to ensure they make a clean pass! If you do hit someone (we appreciate accidents do happen!), make sure you give them the spot back.

Admins will review all evidence submitted in due course and any penalties will be applied before the next race.

Any driver who loses connection to the lobby during qualifying (If they are yet to set a time) will start the session from the back of the grid.

Please make sure your connection is fine and your ports are forwarded (even if your connection acts fine).
Try, your ping is the most important (lower=better, generally below 50ms).

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