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Post by TM aidtheace on Mon Aug 07, 2017 1:05 am


Great job by all the drivers for making this the best event iv ever been a part of. A massive achievement for everyone.
Well done to TheMiz44 and I Havana I on there overall win for Akquq Racing.
Thoroughly enjoyed my time streaming and commentating on the whole race.
Thanks for all being so supportive of the stream and the DSRL as a community.

We hope you all stick around with The DSRL as there is a lot more to come in the future with PCars2 right around the corner.
Its an exciting time to be a DSRL member.
Stay tuned for more information on future series and endurance events coming soon with PCars2, Assetto Corsa, and Dirt Rally.

We will see you on the flip side.
Peace out!

TM aidtheace

TM aidtheace


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