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Post by Admin on Tue Jul 18, 2017 12:28 am

The 2017 DSRL Endurance Cup

Driving Standards

1. The 2017 DSRL Endurance Cup is an official event organised and promoted by the Dedicated Sim Racing League.

1.1. The 2017 DSRL Endurance Cup is non-contact motorsport event and the organisers reserve the right to penalise or disqualify any driver and/or team found to be exploiting this.

1.2. All competing drivers are to expected to be able to drive their car under full confidence and follow all event rules. Any driver who is unable to show that they are in full control of their car or ignore the rules of the event maybe excluded from the event on safety grounds.


2. Registration is only required for competing teams. It is not nessassary for any separate registration for drivers for this event.

2.1. Registered teams are required to comprise of a minimum of 2 drivers and a maximum of 4.

2.2. All drivers registered to compete must be registered users of the DSRL.

2.3. Registration is limited to 14 teams only on a first come, first served basis.


3. All teams must entered a minimum of 1 driver to 1 qualifying session.

3.1 Each driver may only take part in 1 qualifying session. There is no requirement for all drivers to compete during qualifying, however it is highly advised to.

3.2 The fastest time set by each team will be used towards the teams overall qualifying position.

3.4. 4 qualifying sessions will be run during the week before. The dates and times are listed below, however they are subject to change.

  • Q1 - Sunday July 30th, 9PM BST
  • Q2 - Thursday August 3rd, 12AM BST
  • Q3 - Thursday August 3rd, 9PM BST
  • Q4 - Saturday August 5th, 9PM BST

3.5 All qualifying sessions will be preceded by a 1 hour practice session that scheduled qualifying drivers may optionally take part in.

The Race

4. The Race event will take place over a scheduled distance of 1000km, split into 4 stints.

4.2. Race stints times are as following:

  • Stint 1 - 4pm BST
  • Stint 2 - 5.30pm BST
  • Stint 3 - 7pm BST
  • Stint 4 - 8.30pm BST

4.1. Stint 1 of the race will start after TWO laps behind the safety car and the field with a 2x2 format with Pole starting on the right.

4.2. Stint 2, 3 and 4 of the race will start after ONE lap behind the safety car and the field will start in a single file format.

4.4. Stint 1 will start in the order teams qualified. Stint 2,3 and 4 will start by the most recent live timing update.

4.5. Teams MUST nominate which of their drivers will compete in each stint 24 hours prior to the start of the race (4pm BST Saturday 5th August)

4.6. Drivers cannot double stint during the race to ensure the event stays on schedule.

4.7. As this is an endurance race, there will be no safety car in operation after race start or restarts.


5.1. Results will be scored based on laps completed first then total time.

Stewards Enquires

Stewards enquires will be accepted until a period of 48 hours after the race finish. All stewards enquires MUST be accompanied with footage of the incident in question. Stewards decision will be final and no appeals will be accepted.



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