Controller - Tips?

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Controller - Tips?

Post by Arch3rAc3 on Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:44 pm

Hey. I'm having quite a hard time to get my controls set up properly.

I had a setting that used to work great with the Formulas in general, but I just couldn't play GT3 or Road Cars. So I tried changing the input mode (which I still don't know what's for) and it basically erased my previous setting, going back to default.

Yet, I've been fiddling with everything I could, but I still can't play properly with GT3s. The car either takes too long to change direction (not allowing me to make quick corrections) or the wheel turns way too fast (making me spin out of control at every corretion).
Also, I have my throttle and brakes deadzone and sensitivity at 0% (although I tried with different values already) and, for some reason, when my physical throttle (RT axis) is at about 70 to 80% pressed, my virtual car throttle is already at the maximum, therefore I can't use my full axis, making it way more sensible and less accurate - is this normal on the Xbox One?



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