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DSRL Formula 3 Euro Series, Round 8: Zhuhai International (23rd July)

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DSRL Formula 3 Euro Series, Round 8: Zhuhai International (23rd July)

Post by DSRL aidtheace on Mon May 15, 2017 2:50 pm

The track hosting this event is the classic Zhuhai International Circuit. This will be Round 8 of 8 on the calendar.

To take part in this Season Race,you MUST have registered for the championship HERE.

All the Rules, Regulations, Calendar, and Lobby settings can be found HERE.

Eastern Time Zone: 15:00pm
Central Time Zone: 14:00pm
Mexico: 14:00pm
Mountain Time Zone: 13:00pm
Western Time Zone: 15:00pm
UK: 20:00pm
Germany: 21:00pm
Netherlands: 21:00pm
Denmark: 21:00pm
Finland: 21:00pm

Damage: Performance impacting
Automatic transmission
Suggested line
No other assists permitted

By posting "IN" in the weekly race thread you will be assigned to a qualification lobby (registration closes at 6:00pm UK). Qualification starts at 8:15pm UK at the latest! If you're not online or still have connection issues then, you’ll miss the chance to race.
Lobby Timings and Format
The host will start the lobby at 7:45pm UK
Anyone that is NOT able to connect. PM your lobby host.
Single reboot of router allowed, as long as you're ready in the lobby at 8:15pm UK
8.15pm UK qualification starts

Lobby Settings
Qualification: 20 mins
Race 1: Laps TBD
Race 2: Laps TBD (1 Lap for Formation)
Damage difficulty:
Damage: Performance Impact
Mechanical Failure: Yes
Tyre Wear: Real
Fuel Usage: Real
Max lobby size: 16 drivers
Time: All races start at 15:00 |July 23rd| Real time Progression

Do not edit a previously made post with an "IN" as we won't be looking for that, post a new reply instead!
Are online at race time (preferably even 5 minutes earlier to make things easier)
Your status isn't set to "appear offline"
Have friend requested the lobby host.

Division 1:
IN: (2)
- DSRL Webbers88(Host)

Not Posted: (17)
- FAF Stoned Stig
- SRL DirtyMike
- micko39
- SRL Dirt
- SRL Carl
- Epileptic Toast
- SimmoSumo
- tha Sup3rNova
- DSRL Drift
- dragon7011
- Suomy
- DSRL aidtheace
- markdevries78

Out: (0)

Division 2:
IN: (0)
- TBD(Host)

Not Posted: (15)
- Hurt MaGurt
- DSRLReadingRich
- x stealthy 1 x
- stevielow
- kushman98
- WI99hockeyDAD
- Mel Dorran
- Gixer916er
- SRL RedDevil
- IdIoT1995
- wcborstel999
- oO Woodman Oo
- Rebel Whitey

Out: (0)

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Re: DSRL Formula 3 Euro Series, Round 8: Zhuhai International (23rd July)

Post by Hurt MaGurt Today at 1:07 pm

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