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Post by TM aidtheace on Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:32 pm

Stewards Inquiries for Round 2, Hockenhiem Short

DRIVER WARNINGS: If a driver is given 2 warnings, a 3rd warning will result in a penalty to that driver instead. If the initial incident is judged by the stewards to be bad enough. The driver will be given a penalty straight away regardless of the amount of warnings. Penalties will be given according to what the stewards feel to be a fit penalty.

Race 1.
- Contact between Mr Drift Ninja and FAF Stoned Stig into the Turn 1 on the opening lap. The contact caused FAF Stoned Stig to run wide. Secondary contact between the two caused by Mr Drift Ninja not backing off to allow FAF Stoned Stig back onto the track resulted in FAF Stoned Stig spinning into the inside wall.
Penalty Issued: 10 point drop for Mr Drift Ninja

Any incident has clear evidence that can be provided upon request privately.

Driver warning/penalty count:
- 10 point drop for Mr Drift Ninja

TM aidtheace

TM aidtheace


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