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Project Cars 2

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Re: Project Cars 2

Post by Hammerpgh on Mon Dec 11, 2017 2:32 pm

So what's the opinions post patch of you guys that have been with the game since release?

Performance seemed a bit smoother to me in the times I have run it since. I gave it a fairly hard test with a 30 car GT3 field with practice, quali and race on Friday and the ol’ Xbox (plain vanilla One rather than One X) seemed to handle that pretty well. I was quite impressed at that as I thought that would really stretch it.

I hadn’t run with the AI pre-patch so can’t comment really on whether they are better or not and how the patch has changed them but there are supposed to be some quite significant improvements. What I can say is that in the GT3 race I thought they were very good in general and I had no real issues with them. However, in a couple of Indycar sessions I ran over the weekend they were a bit flakey, slowed at odd places when together and were very prone to silly overtaking attempts which lead to a lot of car damage as the Indycar seems very fragile to me. I had upped the AI level from when I ran the GT race but had left the aggression level the same so maybe I need to tweak that a bit to get a better combination when racing the open wheelers.

Overall though I did enjoy my time with the game and think I can at least now get immersed in some good racing offline but I do feel that the menu system although having undergone quite an overhaul since game 1 in some respects is less intuitive than before which surprises me but this is nothing to do with the patch just the game in general.

I really hope they have solved the multiplayer woes with this patch although the patch notes don’t really indicate anything specific in this regard just some other issues around multiplayer. I really would like to get involved in some online racing again and this patch needs to have corrected some of the issues to make it more possible to enjoy organised league racing again.
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Re: Project Cars 2

Post by Shneeb108 on Tue Dec 12, 2017 6:48 pm

Posted today on the Project cars forum by Ian Bell:
We are almost certain we've made some excellent gains in the last day with controls/input/physics with heavy loads and full fields. Coming in Patch 4.
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