Round 1: Monte Carlo- Rally Report & Results

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Round 1: Monte Carlo- Rally Report & Results

Post by DSRL McDuff on Sat Jan 28, 2017 4:17 pm

Review Video:

Full round 1 results and rally report to follow in the posts below.

Congratulations to all who participated and completed round one successfully. Very Happy



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Round 1 Results

Post by DSRL McDuff on Tue Feb 07, 2017 9:10 pm

Hello everyone. Firstly, apologies for the severe delays in bringing the results from Monte Carlo to you. I have been doing my best to umpire a stand up fist fight between google, windows, microsoft and apple in a very stressful attempt to simply show some stats!

So as it is I have compiled the Round 1 facts here. A championship thread will be set up in the near future in preparation for Swedens results and how they affect the standings.

For now though, your results. Thank you for your patience. McDuff... 🐘

Any queries can be directed to myself or Toast privately in the first instance.



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Re: Round 1: Monte Carlo- Rally Report & Results

Post by EpilepticToast on Wed Feb 08, 2017 2:02 pm

Rally Report:

Round 1 of the DSRL Rally championship in Monte Carlo proved to be a very tough opening event for many competitors, with only 21 of the 35 confirmed rally entrants finishing successfully.
The ever changing conditions and sudden switch from ice to dry tarmac caught quite a few out, ending their rally prematurely. Surprisingly, some big names ended up on the retiree list when things did not go according to plan for them... sometimes that is the nature of the beast when rallying though, where you must make getting to the finish the top priority but it doesn't always work out smoothly.  

Day one:
In the early Friday night stages from SS1 to SS2, the times were very close throughout the field between both 2WD and 4WD classes with many looking in contention for a good points result and only one DNF by the second stage from a group A Lancia. However, many ran into trouble on SS3 with the difficulties of the cold night bringing in patches of black ice. A total of 4 DNF's were recorded in the ditch on the third stage alone!

Day two:
As the rally moved into the usually more forgiving light of the second day the weather remained mostly sunny, which lead to many drivers pushing on the tarmac sections of the stages. This proved to be the downfall for 3 competitors though, who found themselves facing the frustration of a DNF as well after encountering more unexpected small patches of black ice hidden in the shade of the surrounding terrain on SS4.
As the long day progressed, the battle out front started to emerge with the consistency of some competitors shining through and separating the front pack to mid pack by an ever increasing gap. 5 further DNF's unfortunately occurred through SS6-9 in both classes. Incredibly though it was still very close in the overall timings up top between a few 2WD and 4WD machines! Two Peugeot 306 Maxi Kitcars run by team RCT contested with a DNET WRT run Seat Ibiza Kitcar and a privately run 4WD Subaru Impreza 1995, trading the spots on the overall podium throughout the day and deep into the night of SS9.

Day three:

This tight battle began to open up more into the final day of the rally, when the 2WD vehicles seemed to fade slightly to the pace of the 4WD Subaru Impreza privateer going max attack into the ice sections of SS10-12 in the hopes of bringing home the victory. Late group A heartbreak was seen on SS10 when a Ford Escort slid off through the snowbank. The spectator focus then narrowed down to the exciting battle for second and third between the 2WD cars on the final stage, with the Ibiza coming out on top of the two team car Peugeot's close behind.


Three different manufacturers and both classes finished on the overall rally podium with P1 overall driving a 4WD Subaru, P2 overall in a 2WD Seat Ibiza, and P3 overall in a 2WD Peugeot.     

Rally Monte Carlo overall podium:
1. HRT Murphy- Subaru Impreza 1995
2. EpilepticToast- Seat Ibiza Kitcar
3. RC Waltcynt- Peugeot 306 Maxi        

F2 Kitcar class podium:

1. EpilepticToast- Seat Ibiza
2. RC Waltcynt- Peugeot 306
3. RC RallymanVW- Peugeot 306

Group A class podium:
1. HRT Murphy- Subaru Impreza
2. MapoUK- Lancia Delta
3. PRTGalinha- Lancia Delta

Team RCT takes a big early advantage in the overall team championship fight with a very consistent and impressive 39 combined points earned by both drivers finishing on the podium in class and P3/P4 overall respectively in their Peugeot 306 Maxis'.

Congratulations to both class winners, the team winners, all the podium finishers and also thanks to all competitors! we hope to see you back for round 2 of the championship in Sweden in just a few weeks!

DSRL Rally Championship Coordinator
GT3 Endurance Division 1 Champion  
Formula Gulf Champion
GT1 Division 1 Champion
200K Prototype Class Champion
DSRL RC: FWD Class Champion
DSRL RC: Season 2,3,& 4 Champion


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​Eight Time Champion

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Re: Round 1: Monte Carlo- Rally Report & Results

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