GT3 Lobby Settings

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GT3 Lobby Settings

Post by TM aidtheace on Mon Jan 16, 2017 12:01 pm

Structure & Sessions
Privacy: Private
Event Length: Laps of event
Length: Laps of event
Maximum grid size: 16
Max Number of Human Opponents: 15
Fill with AI Opponents: No
Opponent skill: 100
Opponents All identical Car: No
Car Class: GT3

Qualifying: 30 mins (20 minutes of qualifying and 10 minutes to gather times and get ready for race)
Mandatory pitstop: No

Laps: Laps of event (Around 60 minutes in length with two special 120 minute races)

Weather Slots: Can be found for each track on race calendar HERE.
Weather progression: Sync To Race
Date Type: See calander HERE
Starting time: As per event (See calander HERE)
Time progression: Real time other than two special races (See calander HERE)

Force interior View: No
Force Manual Gears: No
Force Realistic Driving Aids: Yes
Force Default Setups: No
Allow ABS: Yes
Allow Stability Control: No
Allow Traction Control: Yes
Damage: Performance Impact
Mechanical Failure: Yes
Tyre Wear: Real
Fuel Usage: Real
Auto Engine Start: Yes
Flags & Penalties: On
Allow Ghosted Vehicles: Yes

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