The DSRL Drivers continue to succeed in AOR's GT3 Leagues!

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The DSRL Drivers continue to succeed in AOR's GT3 Leagues!

Post by TM aidtheace on Fri Dec 02, 2016 12:55 am

The DSRL Drivers continue to succeed in AOR's GT3 Leagues!

Hello and welcome to the race reports for the AOR GT3 Elite and Pro Tiers.
This week was Round 2 being held at the famous Bathurst, Mount Panorama in Australia. The drivers racing this week representing the DSRL were IdIoT1995, Copper Nuts08, Webbers88, and aidtheace.
With Webbers showing such strong pace in Round 1, the AOR organisers decided to promote him from the Pro Tier to the Elite Tier from here on out. This meant that he had free car choice for the new tier. There was the option to join aidtheace and Zarf in their number 85 RUF GT3 which ultimately Webbers decided midweek he would join EightTenthsUp Racing.
The midweek practice sessions started poorly for the EightTenthsUp Racing team as their car seemed to struggle over the bumps at Bathurst. With the help of new team member Webbers, the team were able to find a stable tune that helped them reach a reasonably competitive time.

EightTenthsUp Racing, Race Report for Round 2. (Elite Tier)

Qualifying began and right away our boys got to it. The track was very busy in the first few laps meaning finding space for a lap was difficult. Zarf instantly had lag issues and screen freezing and tried to fix it but to no avail and left him at the back of the field with no time set. Aid and Webbers tried to set a competitive lap with Webbers setting a respectable 2.05.561. He had gone faster in practice but would happily take P6 to start the race. Aid however struggled for pace and with 2 scruffy flying laps landed him with work to do back in P9 after taking pole position last week. His time was only a 2.05.928. FTW ChaosTheory took the pole with a stonking 2.03.280 in his Mclaren 12C GT3.
The race began with a huge blow for the team when Zarf still had stutter lag and unfortunately had to retire the car. This left Webbers and Aid to try and score some decent points for EightTenthsUp Racing.

5 Red lights, And were underway down under!

The race got under way with a slow get away for Aid who found himself on the outside for Turn 1 with Webbers just ahead. An incident with three cars going into the gravel trap at Turn 1 compromised Webber’s run up the next straight leaving Aid a chance to cut back and get a run up alongside P4.
Into Turn 2 they went, Aid had the inside but felt a small touch from behind leaving him to brush the wall gaining 5% aero damage. This didn’t hamper him too much though as he was up to P4 with Webbers now in P7. DeF KinG DrizZy was running P5 until he lost it over the mountain section handing Webbers P6 behind chrismk360 in P5.
Aid pulled a small gap but was soon under pressure from chrismk360’s BMW Z4. He overtook Aid going into the chicane and had the move done on the exit. Aid tried to challenge into the final turn but compromised his line giving Webbers a run. He then moved over to let Webbers take the fight back to the Z4 up the straight to Turn 2 and boy did he. Webbers pulled what we shall call THE MOVE OF THE SEASON round the outside of Turn 2 to have the inside line to Turn 3. This left him in P4 with chrismk360 in P5 and Aid P6.
Aid had a few moments which dropped him down to around 3 seconds back with Webbers still being pursued by the Z4 but held off any challenge by building a gap. Aid hen caught back up to the Z4 and put him under some pressure until a mistake from chrismk360 allowed Aid to pass him around the outside of the chicane whilst he struggled for grip on the grass. The gap between the team mates was around 4 seconds with still half the race to go.
One of the leading 3 pitted handing Webbers and Aid another position. The lads were planning to not stop and this meant they would have track position which is critical at Bathurst. As the two drivers began to look more comfortable with a 7 second gap to P5, Webbers span at the final turn with Aid narrowly missing Webbers car.

The gap was now around 4 seconds back to P5 and the lads needed to push. As Aid saw Webbers catch him, he let him past on the start finish as to not hold them both up and allow chrismk360 to catch up.
With only 4 laps to go Webbers then had a half spin in Turn 3, this handed Aid P3 again with chrismk360 now only 3.5 second back. They both then pushed and grinded out the last few laps until finally they had a comfortable 5 second gap onto the last lap.
Aid agreed to give Webbers back P3 as he had drove a flawless race until that point and had the pace on him all race. So Aid kindly moved over on the Conrod Straight to hand Webbers an incredible podium on his debut in the Elite Tier with Aid bring home P4.

Cracking effort again from the guys with Aid gaining 5 places over his start position with zero mistakes and Webbers gaining 3 places from his grid slot. Well done EightTenthsUp Racing.

(Unfortunately the replays bugged out and could not get more pictures or Webber's move!)

PBJ Racing, Race Report for Round 2. (Pro Tier)

Racing in the Pro Tier this week was IdIoT1995 for PBJ Racing and Copper Nuts08 in his 60 Mclaren. Copper Nuts set great time in qualifying to put him P2 to start the race with a lap time of 2.07.386. Idiot however muscled his Bentley into P1 with a solid time of 2.06.060 taking the pole by a huge 1.3 seconds.
The Pro race got underway with a small hiccup for Idiot who hit the wall on the formation lap but luckily the car was fine.
Lights OUT, and away they go!
Copper had a great run into turn one but Idiot fended him off well. The race then went the way of the Bentley as Idiot stretched his lead whilst Copper was battling to hold on to P2 from Da4thSuspect with them only a few tenths apart for the first part of the race.
Suspect then passed Copper but shortly after spun at Forests Elbow and handed Copper back P2.

Idiot had a comfortable 20 second lead over Copper but then pitted on lap 19 for fresh rubber. Copper did not plan to stop so took the lead from Idiot who came out 7 seconds back.

It did not take Idiot long to haul his Bentley onto the back of Copper but could not find a passing opportunity.He struggled to find a way past Coppers great defensive driving for 6 laps until finally to Idiots relive, Copper hit the wall coming down the mountain section and handed back the lead.


On the same lap Copper was close coming down the Conrod Straight and had a look down the inside of the chicane but the was CONTACT! Both cars exited the track to the right and were stuck together with Copper re-joining in P1 but handed the position back to Idiot out of good sporting behaviour.

Idiot then set about building a gap and managed to pull out 20 seconds before the flag.
Great racing by both of the guys and very sporting of Copper to hand back the place. Well done lads. The DSRL is lucky to have you representing us. Thank you!

That’s all for this week folks, tune in next week to see what will come the next round at Road America.
See you there!

TM aidtheace



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Re: The DSRL Drivers continue to succeed in AOR's GT3 Leagues!

Post by EpilepticToast on Fri Dec 02, 2016 1:05 am

good job guys


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