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The DSRL drivers stun AOR's GT3 leagues.

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The DSRL drivers stun AOR's GT3 leagues.

Post by TM aidtheace on Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:14 am

The DSRL drivers stun AOR's GT3 leagues.

Welcome to the race reports for all 5 DSRL drivers taking part in Round 1 of AOR's GT3 Leagues for Xbox One.

The drivers and teams entering the series are Webbers88, IdIoT1995 and HateW0rldW1de in the Pro Tier for the team PBJ Racing with Copper Nuts08 Racing as a privateer in the same class.
aidtheace and Zarf in EightTenthsUp Racing for the Elite Tier. Lets see how they got on.

PBJ Racing, Race Report for Round 1. (Pro Tier)

The boys in AOR’s Pro GT3 league were Webbers88 and IdIoT1995. Webbers opted for two runs with 2 flying laps in each for his qualifying session. Webbers set a 2.17.612 for his first run putting him P1 with around 10 minutes to go. IdIoT proceeded with only one run of two flying laps setting a time of 2.18.061 which would put his car P2 by 0.7 of a second ahead of P3. Webbers went out for his second run and improved by nearly a full second to go 1.332 seconds faster than his team mate in P2. This was the way it finished for the gruelling 25 lap race around Spa.

Disaster struck almost immediately with Webbers’ pit crew only putting 20 litres of fuel on board his number 8 Bentley GT3. This would mean he would have to make a pit stop no later than lap 5 to ensure he could come in for fuel. IdIoT lined his car up P2 ready with 100 litres on board to take him the race distance.

The race got underway with Webbers getting a great getaway and IdIoT missing the jump but did have the legs on the Mercedes AMG GT3 through Eau Rouge and into Les Combes with almost a second gap. Webbers then built a gap of 6 seconds to IdIoT before diving into the pits for his stop. IdIot then took the lead and built a gap pushing lap after lap for a solid 12 second gap before the P2 car pitted on Lap 14 giving him a huge amount of breathing space. Webbers then came out of the pits with the full intention of putting in qualifying pace every lap, re-joining the race in P9. He was soon up to P3 after just 10 laps, hunting down P2 who was a massive 30 seconds ahead. Webbers had taken 4 seconds a lap out of P2 until he pitted around 3 laps later handing P2.

IdIot was enjoying a great time out front, until Webbers was lighting up the timing screens to catch him by nearly 3 seconds a lap. He then caught him up the Kemmel Straight and passed him into the Le Combes Chicane on the final lap. IdIoT1995 made it easy for him up the inside in the braking zone. The guys then brought their Number 8 Bentleys home for a brilliant 1-2 finish in AOR’s Pro GT3 league. They will be looking to keep this pace up in the next round at Bathhurst.

Copper Nuts08, Privateer, Race Report for Round 1. (Pro Tier)

Copper Nuts08 is a relatively new driver to the DSRL but has showed his hand our GT1 series in Division 1. He also proved his wroth in Round 1 of the AOR GT3 Pro Tier.
Copper decided to go with the Von Ryan Racing Mclaren for his first championship on AOR.
His qualifying started with a bang with his first run being hampered by a spinning Mclaren 12c at the top of Eau Rouge. Copper hit the stationary Mclaren meaning he had to return to the pits to repair the car. He went out for his second run setting a time of 2.21.705. This left him in P9 but had time to complete another lap. The chance to improve was short lived as Copper was a full second up on his previous best but unfortunatly ran out of fuel at the La source airpin meaning he would start from P9 If he finished the lap he was on, he would have been promoted to P6. His pace was good so stood him in good stead for the race.

The race got underway very cleanly indeed with all the drivers getting around the 1st few laps unscathed. Copper remained in P9 until he began to work his way through the field being pushed harded by HRT Verstappen up to P5 and P6 retrospectively. Verstapen then overtook into the Bus Stop Chicance but later spun at the Les Combes Chicane. This gave Copper some breathing space. As other driver began to pit, this handed him P2 for a time until the stoming Webbers88 passed Copper to being his charge to the front. Copper then manage to hold P3 until he was passed by neiltanner into the Bus Stop Chicane on lap 22 but retook P3 when tanner spun out at the very same corner one lap later. Copper then hung on for a fantasist podium giving all three DSRL drivers the podium places. Well done to Copper on his amazing drive from P9 to P3 in his first event. We look forward to seeing what will come next week at Bathhurst.

EightTenthsUp Racing, Race Report for Round 1. (Elite Tier)

In AOR’s Elite GT3 League was aidtheace and Zarf. The guys picked the RUF RGT-8 GT3 car for their championship challenge. The car took a lot of practice and tuning to get the raw pace from the car, however the guys achieved this and were able to dominate qualifying with a 1-2. aidtheace went out for his first run and put in a time of only a 2.17.4 leaving him no choice but to run again.

Zarf’ first run was considerable better with a 2.16.6 but also went for a second run. Both drivers left it down to the final flying lap with aid setting a 2.15.087 and Zarf a 2.15.847 putting them 1st and second with only seconds remaining on the clock.

The race began with aidtheace getting a good getaway with zarf following suit holding 1 and 2 into the Les Combes Chicane.

The two then built a gap to the following cars of around 5 seconds to P3. The two drove faultlessly, with some great consistent laps pulling away from the field with only 4 seconds separating the two all race. As the race drew to a close aidtheace began to back off and conserve the car, and track position and take home a brilliant debut 1-2 for EightTenthsUp Racing.

A massive well done to all 4 drivers on there brilliant retrospective 1-2s.

Thanks for reading.

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Re: The DSRL drivers stun AOR's GT3 leagues.

Post by Lemarrrrrr on Fri Nov 25, 2016 3:13 am

Well done lads
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Re: The DSRL drivers stun AOR's GT3 leagues.

Post by DSRLReadingRich on Fri Nov 25, 2016 9:24 am

Top results boys

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Re: The DSRL drivers stun AOR's GT3 leagues.

Post by Rebel Whitey on Fri Nov 25, 2016 12:34 pm


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Re: The DSRL drivers stun AOR's GT3 leagues.

Post by Hurt MaGurt on Fri Nov 25, 2016 1:56 pm

That's awesome guys

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Re: The DSRL drivers stun AOR's GT3 leagues.

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