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Formula Gulf 1000s Driving Standards Anouncement

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Formula Gulf 1000s Driving Standards Anouncement

Post by TM aidtheace on Sat Nov 05, 2016 8:36 pm

It has come to my attention whilst i have been away that the current state of driving standards within the Formula Gulf series has dropped.
We as a group of racers all agreed at the pre season round to run with damage turned off as we would all be able to race fairly and cleanly. Another reason was because if a driver or multiple drivers got damage in a crash and needed to pit, there was no way of telling the pit crew what tyres to put on and what fuel. Resulting in drivers being given wet tyres would put you out of the race in terms of pace and levels of grip if the event was dry.

I am however now going to enforce prefomance impacting damage.

This is because people seem to be exploiting the fact there is no damage and driving more carelessly and not giving drivers the respect they need.

I belive that by enforcing damage on. People will be more careful. In the event of an incident. If you crash you could be completly out of the race and so could the person you hit. So drive wisely!

If you end up being collected by another accident or involved in a crash and feel hard done by or that you were not at fault for. Please I stress too you RECORD THE CLIP LIVE. (By double tapping the xbox guide button and X) That way there is no need to look at the replay as sometimes the names get swapped around and the blame my fall at you doorstep.
If you record the clip, do not then come onto the forum pointing fingers and shaming people. Simply send it to myself or any other admin and we will review it! It will be reviewed, and penalties and warnings handed out fairly and accordingly.

I hope that this will resolve the issues we have been having reasently and people will drive more carefully, if not then it is your loss as you will be out of the race. If you do get hit off by another driver. Do not rage! There are plenty more races left and calmly record the clip and have  it reviewed. An appropriate penalty or warning will be given to the driver in question. We will be saving replays too so we can get other views if needed.
You have been warned!

Thank you.
TM aidtheace
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