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Post by TM aidtheace on Fri Sep 23, 2016 3:23 pm

Information, Rules and Regulations Gulf_c12

Welcome to the DSRL Formula Gulf 1000 Championship.

In this series we will visit a number of british circuits as well as some iconic circuits from around the world using the Formula Gulf 1000 car. The field will feature only space for 16 drivers so get your place early.

Over the course of the 8 week championship drivers will compete in three rounds per event making the racing fast and furious throughout the series. Each lasting around 15 minutes per race, covering a distance of around 25 miles.
To make this series very close indeed, the setups will be locked to default with tyre wear and fuel usage set to off. This will aid the quest for tight, close racing without anyone gaining huge time over the field via a setup.

Registrations will open soon and livery selection will be open. There will be no teams championship as their will be only 16 drivers. So its every man for themselves.

For the first time in the history of the DSRL, a prize for the winner of the championship will be handed out. This will be a £5 Xbox Live Gift Card for the winner to spend on what they please.

The championship will be starting on Thursday 6th September every Thursday night at 8pm BST.

Information, Rules and Regulations Rules10

The DSRL Formula Gulf 1000 Championship is a non-contact sport featuring 1000cc single seater race cars racing at 8 circuits around the UK and Europe.

It is understandable that sometimes, due to connection lag, contact between 2 or more competing cars is inevitable. When such situations happen, a competing driver may be asked to reset their xbox and/or internet routers. If there is no further improvement, a driver may be asked to leave the event.

There are 16 spaces available in this championship and will use all liveries currently available in Project CARS.

Signing in

Race event sign in will open up approximately 1 week before the event will take place. Drivers must post 'IN' by 6pm, to take up a place on race night. If a driver does not post 'IN', the host will assume that they are not competing.

Drivers are asked to be online approximately 15 minutes before race start time to ensure that hosts are able to get out all their invites and the event can start promptly.

Due to issues with the Project CARS 'game chat', an xbox live party will be used for communication. This will limit a race to 16 drivers.

Race night

At each event, the format will be a 15 minutes qualifying session for race 1 to set the grid. Then for race 2 a 10 minutes qualifying session, and for race 3 a 5 minute qualifying session. Each race lasting around 15 minutes in laps. Points will be awarded for each race and each will be accounted for with regards to dropped rounds.

The qualifying session will start at 8pm once all drivers are into the lobby and correct car livery. The session will start immediately once into the session.
Once all drivers have completed their laps, the race host will take a screenshot of the results. These results will then be posted on the Event page on the forum.

After qualifying, the race will begin.

There will be 3 races per event which will all equal the same race distance of 25 miles or as close to as possible. So for a track like Brands Hatch Indy at Round 1 we will do 21 Laps, However a track like Monza GP we will only do 7 Laps. This will take around 15 minutes per race and cover a similar distance.


The points will be scored on the following basis

1st - 35
2nd - 32
3rd - 30
4th - 28
5th - 26
6th - 25

Points will reduce by 1 point by all following positions until reaching 16th place.

There will be 6 dropped races from this championship for drivers, making your best 18 scores count towards the championship.

Championship Winner

The winner of the championship will win a £5 Xbox Live Gift Card to spend on what they like.

Stewards Inquiries

If you feel that you were a victim of unsportsmanlike behaviour or intentionally taken of the track. Please present footage of the incident in question to the organisers within 24 hours of the end of the event (10.30pm following Monday). Any inquiries will be, at best, closed and penalties applied before the next event.


We request that there will be no broadcasting through Twitch. This is to aid the quality of lobby connections.

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