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FG1000 Lobby Settings.

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FG1000 Lobby Settings.

Post by TM aidtheace on Fri Sep 23, 2016 1:10 am

Here are all the lobby settings to set races to. So if you are lucky enough to be a host on race night then here is where to find all your settings.

Structure & Sessions
Privacy: Private
Event Length: See Calender
Laps: As per circuit.
Maximum grid size: 16
Max Number of Human Opponents: 15
Fill with AI Opponents: No
Opponent skill: 100
Opponents All identical Car: Yes
Car Class: F4


- Qualifying 1. (For Race 1) : 15 minutes.
- Qualifying 2. (For Race 2) : 10 minutes.
- Qualifying 3. (For Race 3) : 5 minutes.

Mandatory pitstop: No


- 3 races per event
- Equal distance of 25 miles for each race.
- Different amount of laps depending on the circuit.

Weather Slots: See Calender
Weather progression: Real Time
Date Type: Current
Starting time: See Calender
Time progression: Real time

Force interior View: No
Force Manual Gears: No
Force Realistic Driving Aids: No
Force Default Setups: Yes
Allow ABS: Yes
Allow Stability Control: Yes
Allow Traction Control: Yes
Damage: Off
Mechanical Failure: No
Tyre Wear: Off
Fuel Usage: Off
Auto Engine Start: Yes
Flags & Penalties: On
Allow Ghosted Vehicles: Yes
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