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tips and tricks

Post by stevielow on Mon Sep 12, 2016 6:51 pm

Some of you have experienced a loss of career etc, the cause is that PCARs does not allow infinite replay saves, if it goes to save a replay and there isn't enough room it will throw you back to a new career "WHICH IS REALLY ANNOYING", so keep any that you really want to keep but only keep a max of five or so.

Useful tools.

Crew chief.

This is available on android and pc, maybe IOS to but I'm not sure, this is a great tool, and helps as a spotter, like iracing, this also tells you about fuel, tyres etc.

PCARs dash.

Another great tool, this will give you a far more accurate read out of tyre temps, fuel usage, damage etc.

Wheel settings.

I think I might have covered this before, however I have a great video on my youtube site that explains everything, its quite long but worth a watch.

Finally Pit Stratergy, remember, the pit straterdy you want to use must be at the top or it will go to the top one.

any further questions please ask.





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