The Prototype / GTE 200 series

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The Prototype / GTE 200 series Empty The Prototype / GTE 200 series

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 08, 2016 8:45 pm

Welcome to the first championship here on the The Dedicated Sim Racers League. The Prototype / GTE 200 series will consist of 10 races each running at 200km in length. Each race will be contested by cars that fit the LMP2 category and the GTE/GT3 category in Project CARS.

There will be 3 championships up for grabs in each class, a drivers championship, teams championship.

Although the whole series will be held over 10 races, there will 3 dropped rounds. So only your best 7 scores will be counted.

Races will be held on a Sunday night with qualifying starting at 8pm.

Qualifying will be held over a 20 minute period. You will be able to finish the lap you are on when the timer runs out.

The first race will be kicking off at Nurburgring on January 31st 2016



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