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DSRL 2018 IndyCar World Challenge (Rules)

Zarf | Published fri Nov 10, 2017 4:05 am | 964 Views


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Here is all the lobby settings to set races to. So if you are lucky enough to be a host on race night then here is where to find all your settings.

Host Settings

Privacy: Private 
Broadcast: Off
Wait for Race Ready Input: On

Realism Settings

Allow Auto Start Engine: Yes
Force Interior View: Yes
Force Driving Line Off: Yes
Force Default Settings: No
Force Manual Gears: Yes
Force Realistic Driving Aids: Yes
Allow Anti-lock Brakes: No
Allow Traction Control: No
Allow Stability Control: No
Collisions: Yes
Damage Type: Performance Impacting
Mechanical Failures: Yes
Allow Ghosted Vehicles: No
Force Manual Pitstops: Yes
Pit Stop Errors: Yes
Tyre Wear: Authentic
Fuel Depletion: Yes
Force Cooldown Lap: Yes

Opponent Settings

Maximum Grid Size: 16
Maximum Human Opponents: 15
Fill with AI Opponents: No
Opponent: 0
Opponent Aggression: 0
Opponent Field Type: Same
Vehicle Classes: IndyCar 

Rules & Regulations

Rules & Penalties: On
Track Limit Penalties: On
Allowable Time Penalty: 30
Drive-Through Penalties: On
Pit Exit Penalty: On
Competitive Racing License: On
Min. Competitive License Required: U1000

Vehicle Settings

Track Select

MUST be selected to that nights chosen track

Race Settings

Duration Type: Laps
Number of Laps: That nights selection
Date Type: Custom Date
Custom Date: That days date
Session Start: TBA
Time Progression: Real Time
Season: Depends on Race Date
Weather Slots: TBA
Weather Progression: Sync To Race, when more than 2 weather slots
Start Type: Rolling (Unless otherwise stated)
Formation Lap: No
Mandatory Pit Stop: No

Session Settings

Practice: On
Session start time 10:00
Session Duration 00:30

Qualifying: On
Session start time: 11:00
Session Duration: 00:40 (Last 10 mins no cars on track)

Here are the special rules for oval racing only.

Practice 20 mins
During the session all cars will be able to go on track for the entire session.
The session results will set the qualifying order.

Qualifying 40
During the session the lobby will be halved with the first 15 minutes being run by the slowest 50% of practice the fastest 50% will then use the next 15 minutes leaving around 10 mins for comfort brakes.
Once all laps have been completed no one is allowed on track as the grid will be set.
No one is allowed on track outside of there 15 mins slot.
In the event of a odd sized grid the lobby will be split near even with the slowest group having the most cars (by1 car) 

The start
Will be rolling and utilise the in game feature giving you manual control and maintaining no more than 75mph/120kmh.
Penalties will be on during this period.

Safety car/ Full course cautions.
Unlike other DSRL series and the other IndyCar races ovals will require caution periods if a accident happens.

During this period there I.S to be no shouting with those involved the race host and the race leader only needing dialogue.

If you are involved in a incident call it calmly with the turn or straight location and the race host will call a safety car.

If required record a clip or save your replay with multiple angles as per the usual incident reporting system to be sorted after the race.

Once the safety car is called the race leader takes this role and the field is follow in single file.

Pit Road will be closed to all but the damaged cars who have TWO full laps to make it to the pits before the reopen for the rest of the field.

If you need fuel during the closed period and cannot make the 2 Laps please inform the host so you can be allowed into the pits. To avoid undamaged cars gaining an advantage from this they will also be required to pit for fuel again when the rest of the field pits.

Once all cars pitted if there is a new race leader they become the safety car.

During the safety car period the field must go no more than 80mph/128kmh

Once the pit cycle has finished there will be one more safety car lap and the race leader will call Green Green Green BEFORE the S/F Line and the start will be single file.

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