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DSRL Announce Season 4 On (Dirt Rally Game)

Zarf | Published fri Nov 10, 2017 3:58 am | 978 Views


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Hey Gang! So here it comes... The DSRL RC: Season4!!!! And it comes with a twist. A one make series, in the venerable 2011 Impreza STi. R4/ GpN spec 4wd struggle bus. Pitting manno a manno on an almost like for like platform.

Why the R4 Impreza you ask? Its the peoples car...... Being that yours truly bashed spanners on a Teg Sport R4 Impreza N11 that regularly beat Elfyn Evans in his Pirelli Backed Teg Sport N11 STi I felt, in honour of Elfyns WRC Rally GB win it was a fitting choice AND the mighty Porkhammer hates it and can't figure out how to make it go quickly, well it might be the one for us mere mortals then eh?

Also THE POWER STAGE RETURNS!!!!! Yup, the win it or bin it stage makes its return, so bonus points for those who bother to upload their efforts and submit their time cards as per the rules chaps As will the testing night rally, thanks to its successful running in Germany back in season 2.

A poll will follow very soon with regards the stage open dates within a 7 day timeframe as some members are looking for even more pressure! 

Sign ups will be opened by Friday late PM at the latest with a view to round 1, Stage 1 opening on Thursday 9th November.

Team titles will also be on the line.... remember those pilots who dare to share, win! (That and sharing info helps everyone advance as drivers)

Now the kicker.... be prepared for rolling penalty points. Sign up and don't compete? That's a paddlin! Miss a round without prior notification? That's a paddlin. Think it doesn't matter because someone else is winning anyway? Expect to start season 5 with penalties already applied...

Hope everyone's ready to dig in and tough it out in this gloves off automotive pugilistic pounding of the Dirt Rally stages! 

See you all for a pie and a pint after scrutineering  

DSRL McDuff.

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